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2022 Board Members of JyYK

This is the board of JyYK for 2022!
We are excited to carry on the mission and vision of JyYK which is to promote the principles and goals of the United Nations and ensure their realization and publicity in Jyväskylä.

🔹Edit Ahtiainen: Chairperson
🔹Eevi Pihlatie: Vice Chairperson
🔹Felix Dade: Secretary, Member of Development Team
🔹Abitha Chakrapani: Financial Secretary, Member of School Visits Team
🔹Sion Yang: Vice secretary, PR Coordinator, Membership Coordinator, Data Protection Officer, Member of School Visits Team
🔹Anne Saarinen: Environmental Coordinator
🔹Izabella Dhima: Coordinator for Stakeholders, Representative of UN Youth Finland, Member of PR Team
🔹Liliya Zenina: Equality Coordinator
🔹Adwoa Frimpomaa-Afrane: Development Coordinator, Member of PR Team
🔹Tereza Pruknerova: Aurora Borealis, Confidential Counsellor, Member of School Visits Team and Development Team
🔹Elena Plotnikova: School Visits Coordinator
🔹Aino-Sofia Koirikivi: Member of PR team
🔹Tiina Toivanen: Vice Member


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