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Welcome to the general meeting of the UN Association of Jyväskylä’s on 16th of November 2015 at 4 pm. The meeting is arranged at Lea Pulkkinen hall, Agora. The strategy and budget of the term 2016 will be approved at the meeting. Also, the new board 2016 will be selected!

All members of JyYK can apply to whichever board seat. In case you would like to become a board member of JyYK but you are not our member yet, you can become one by following the instructions given in In English – menu.

The President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary will be elected at the meeting; the rest of the board positions will be chosen at the first board meeting of the new board. Please notice that you do not need to be able to speak Finnish to become a board member of JyYK. However, as the official language of JyYK is Finnish, all formal documents, including minutes, strategy, budget and annual report, will be written in Finnish.

To make the general meeting smoother, please send an email to JyYK’s President Jenni Seppänen at and tell in which board position you are interested in. Please, headline the email as ”JyYK’s board 2016”. There is also a possibility of applying for a board position at the meeting!

Board members sharing their experiences – read and learn more!

10970124_10153074292574507_946521328_o“I’m Jenni, the President of JyYK. My main duties have included organizing board meetings and managing JyYK’s activities; I ensure that every board member knows what to do and when as well as make sure that everything regarding JyYK is done on time. This year has been absolutely amazing – I love the fact that JyYK has a warm sense of community and that we, as a team, have organized our kind of activities throughout the year!”

thumb_12171565_10153656062569500_828879804_o_1024“My name is Emmi and I am the Vice-President of this year’s board. This is my first year at the board of JyYK and it has been a lot of fun – the best thing about JyYK is the warm sense of community and versatility! During this year, I have helped our President with different administrative tasks and paper work and also organized several events together with the rest of the board members. My responsibility has been to take care of our membership register and new members; I add all new members to out register and to our e-mail list and wish them welcome via e-mail.”

10982976_10153074287594507_426179829_o “Hi, I’m Laura, the other Vice-President of the board. This fall I haven’t been as much involved because currently I am in exchange in Mexico. Therefore, our other Vice-President has been taking care of more specific tasks. I have been doing a little bit this and that, helping there where help is needed, for example when organizing events. The best thing in JyYK is learning about global issues without things being too serious. Relaxed atmosphere and great people made this season wonderful!”


“My name is Hanna and I work as an Event coordinator of the JyYK and my duties include the general arrangements of the events and divisions of responsibilities, as well as booking spaces for the events. The best thing about JyYK has been to meet all the new people and learn about how local NGO’s have the opportunity to influence people and to inform of the major themes of the UN in such a way that it’s fun – despite the heavy themes.”


“I am Janette, the External affairs officer of this year’s board. My role is to serve as a link between UN Association of Jyväskylä and our umbrella organisation UN Youth of Finland. In practice this has involved attending and participating in board meetings and events of both associations and communicating our interests to the national level as well as informing our local organisation of the news of the UN Youth of Finland. I have also been a contact person for FinMUN and model UN related matters and been involved in finding interesting excursion destinations for our association. The best about JyYK is enthusiasm and dedication of those who are involved in the activities. In addition, every board is more or less free to decide what they want to do and how to approach UN themes during the year. This is something that has motivated people to participate and get involved in JyYK!”

IMG_0295 “I’m Laura and I’m the Treasurer of JyYK. My job in JyYK is to take care of the accounting and pay the bills. I have also organized many events together with our boardmembers. The best thing about JyYK is absolutely the great group of people that we have had this year in the board. We have also organized lots of interesting events together. We have had a great year!”

“I’m Ulriikka, the Public relations officer of JyYK. Basically I take care of the social media, write on our web page, send e-mails and take pictures. I didn’t have any experience of the United Nations before, but this year I have learnt a lot. The best things in JyYK are lovely people, interesting events and important, global themes.”

“I’m Mirna, the Secretary of JyYK which means that I write the minutes after our board meetings. Besides that I’ve been helping with the events that we have planned during the year. The best thing about JyYK is our awesome board and active members and all the activities that we have arranged.”

Jyykonnellisuus2“I’m Hanna, the Environmental coordinator. My duties include following environmental issues and providing information on them forward. I’m also responsible of achievement on environmental goals (for example reduce of buying plastic bags) set on the Board. This year has been really rewarding because I have learned in JyYK so many new things and met and worked with amazing people.”


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