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Aurora Borealis ry: our partner organisation

Aurora Borealis is a Jyväskylä- based association founded in 2015. The association fosters and promotes the development of cooperation and interaction between different countries and people. Our partners have so far been found in Nepal because the strongest experiences and contacts of Aurora Borealis are from this country. However, the association is not only committed to Nepal; we are happy to find connections around the world. Our Finnish partners that support our project are the JYY Subcommittee for Development of Cooperation and the UN Association of Jyvaskyla (JyYK).

At the moment, we have one active project in Nepal called the Youth Sponsorship Program that supports the higher education of women, by offering scholarships through Loo Niva, our partner organisation in Nepal.

Loo Niva became active in 1994, and in 1997 it announced itself as a non-governmental organisation with the aim of comprehensively developing the living conditions of children. Through various projects and programmes, the organization supports children’s schooling and strengthens a fair and equal society. The aim is to ensure a safe school route for all children, better health, a peaceful living environment, and socio-economic development. Loo Niva’s projects are funded by the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Interpedia is a Finnish affiliate of Loo Niva.

In order to support this project, Aurora Borealis is raising money by organizing charity events, campaigning to recruit new active members and collaborating with other organizations, as well as applying for grants. For example, in May 2021 we organized the annual Charity Run in cooperation with JyYK (UN Association of Jyvaskyla) and IDESCO (International Degree Student Community), and this December we were present at the Christmas Fair (Hippoksen Joulumarkkinat), raising funds by selling goods.

Stay tuned with our upcoming events by following our Facebook page and Instagram account @auroraborealis.development. Hope to see you soon at our events!

Read more about Aurora Borealis ry and Loo Niva.

Here you can read more about Interpedia: https://interpedia.fi/en/ 




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