Yhteinen kannanotto

JyYK, Tampereen YK-yhdistys TAYK ry / UN Association of Tampere, Turun YK-yhdistys – Turku UN Association, Helsingin YK-nuoret ry/ UN Youth of Helsinki, Suomen YK-nuoret / UN Youth of Finland ja FinMUN, Finnish Model United Nations ovat tehneet yhteisen kannanoton. Kannanotossa pyydämme Suomen Valtioneuvostoa ottamaan translain uudistuksessa paremmin huomioon alaikäiset transihmiset. Hedelmättömyyspakon sekä juridisen ja lääketieteellisen transition erottaminen toisistaan ovat jo tärkeitä askelia, […]

Forthem webinar

understanding agenda 2030 webinar

Are you concerned with the issues of gender inequality and unsustainable production? Are you doubting that you can change the world for better?Do not doubt! Each of us can help this world to make steps towards the Sustainable Development Goals.Watch this video and find your inspiration with our amazing Speakers! The webinar is moderated by […]

Kansainvälinen naistenpäivä 8. maaliskuuta​

Kuinka koronapandemia ja siitä johtuvat eristystoimet ovat vaikuttaneet naisiin? Onko koti naiselle turvallinen paikka olla?Millaiset tasa-arvokysymykset ovat juuri nyt ajankohtaisia Suomessa, Itävallassa ja Kirgisiassa? JyYK järjestää kansainvälisenä naistenpäivänä paneelikeskustelun, jossa näistä teemoista keskustellaan huippuasiantuntijoiden kanssa.

When cultures meet

Human life on earth can not be described without a migration story. As clouds travel without limitations, the wind crosses borders, ideas fly across the minds, humans as well, repeats the natural tradition of moving from one place to another. It is a joy, it is a new adventure, it is a pain, it is […]

Kulutusyhteiskunnan jäämistö, jäte

Abstract: This year’s world overconsume day was the first of August and Finland’s was on the eleventh of April. Overconsume day means that we have used more renewable resources than the planet can produce and emitted more greenhouse gasses than the ecosystem can bind. The largest contributors to overconsumption are traffic emissions, housing, and meat […]

Voinko ostaa enää mitään?

Abstract: Climate anxiety is a real phenomenon in our society and it can even cause physical symptoms. In my opinion, one of the most important ways to battle against climate anxiety is to increase knowledge about environmental issues. Agenda 2030 (sustainable development goals) does that pretty well. For example, the goal number 12 discuss responsible consumption […]

Nuoret, rauha ja turvallisuus -päätöslauselma: puhetavan muutos

Abstract: The UN resolution 2250: Youth, Peace and Security emphasizes youth’s role in decision making. The participation of the youth is important as they are increasing majority in countries that are in armed conflict. The resolution 2250 has five pillars in it: Participation, Protection, Prevention,  Disengagement and Reintegration. The resolution is major achievement of the […]


UN Association Jyväskylä received an invitation to 70th anniversary of Council of Europe. The organization is oldest and biggest co-operative organization in Europe. Its goal is promote peace and human rights in Europe. In its’ work, the Council of Europe has achieved many important milestones in human rights. For example not a single country use […]

Tuomitse vihapuhe, älä nettiä

Abstract in English: Internet freedom continues to decline around the world. Many goverments want to consolidate their control over information and silence dissenting voices so they filter and manipulate the openness of the internet. Democratic societies are also struggling in the digital age and there has been discussion about potential restrictions on free speech in […]

Miten syödä kestävästi?

Abstract in English: There has been a lot of public talk about climate change and sustainable development recently. Food is one of the biggest things that contribute carbon dioxide emissions along with traffic and habitation. One can decrease their food related emissions for example by eating less meat or replacing the beef with pork or […]