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Board 2021

Iita Räsänen

President Iita Räsänen

Who are you? I’m Iita and I study social sciences from political science to public policy. This is my third year in JyYK and this year I’m the president of the board.

Why are you in JyYK? I think it’s nice to be a part of an association while studying. JyYK has values like sustainable development and peace which are easy to agree on.

What are you involved in JyYK? As a president my most important tasks are holding the meetings and representing our association. I also plan our action, write agendas for the meetings, apply the grants, keep in touch with other local UN associations and organize events with other board members.

What do you want to change? I would like to see the world where people wouldn’t make any assumptions about others based on how they look.

Hannele Toivonen

Vice president Hannele Toivonen

Who? Hannele Toivonen, M.Sc. student in Social and Public Policy. I am the Vice-Chair of JyYK.

What? My task is to help the Chair and the whole board. I can substitute the Chair if needed.

Why JyYK? I have been part of the JyYK’s board for several years already. The JyYK’s values are align with my own and it is nice to do something concrete to promote those values. Additionally, I have enjoyed being part of the relaxed and like-minded group of people.

What would you like to change? If I could, I would stop climate change and biodiversity loss. In my dream world, people would live by respecting each other and the environment. 

Anne Saarinen

Secretary Anne Saarinen

Who are you? I am Anne Saarinen, a second-year student of social sciences at JYU.

Why you are in JyYK? I take part in JyYK because the agenda of UN is important. I also want to get more familiar of what United Nations do and gain experience of being in an association.

What are you involved in JyYK? I am a secretary of the board, so I take care of meeting facilities and consist of minutes of official meetings. I am also participating in JyYK’s activities in general.

What do you want to change? I want that the growth of inequality stops in between people. In addition, there would be more openly available research data for example for maintain people’s trust in decision-making. I would also like JyYK to be a better-known organization in Jyväskylä.

Liliya Zenina

Publicists and Coordinator for stakeholders Liliya Zenina

Who? Liliya Zenina, Doctoral student at the University of Jyväskylä. I am the Coordinator for stakeholders.

What? I communicate with current and possible partners and develop events. Besides, I am responsible for publications on Facebook and our webpage.

Why JyYK? I support the UN sustainable goals. I am concerned with issues of inequalities, older people rights and well-being, quality education provision, ecological problems. By joining JyYK I want to provide my support to people in need, receive more knowledge about the UN organizations and actions, and organize interesting events and discussions.

What would you like to change? I want people respect and support each other more. I wish all people have access and opportunities to quality education and healthcare. I dream of more love in the world. I hope people will have better attitude towards Nature, and started more care about it.


Coordinator for environmental affairs Eevi Pihlatie

Who? I’m Eevi, a first-year student of social sciences.

What? I’m the coordinator for environmental affairs. My main tasks are to update environmental plan for JyYK and make sure that JyYK follows it.

Why? JyYK’s values meet with mine and I want to learn more about being in association and it is also nice to meet new people.

What do you want to change? I want that the world is an equal place to live for everyone.

Maria Nefeli

Development cooperation coordinator Maria Nefeli Marouli

Who are you? I am Maria Nefeli Marouli and I am a first-year master’s student at the University of Jyvaskyla, at the Department of Education and Psychology. I am a first-year board member of the UN Association of Jyvaskyla as a development cooperation coordinator. 

What are you involved in JyYK? As the coordinator of development cooperation, I am responsible for attending the relative meetings of the Student Union’s Subcommittee and cooperate with the stakeholder association which promotes and supports the education of youngsters in Nepal. 

Why are you in JyYK? I support the UN’s values and the idea of creating a united world, with peace, transparency, and respect. Education, human rights, and sustainability are the main areas that I am interested in, thus through JyYK, I can have a more active role in promoting these values and being updated about global issues in this regard. 

What do you want to change? I wish to be the change that I want to see in this world. Specifically, promoting equality and equity, respect towards ourselves, others, and the environment, transparency between our stakeholders, more cooperation and less competition. 

Lauri Voutilainen

Member coordinator and data protection officer Lauri Voutilainen

Who are you? I’m Lauri and I study economics. This is my fourth year in JyYK.

Why are you in JyYK? I’m in Jyyk because I’ve been a board member before and I really enjoyed it.

What are you involved in JyYK? This year I am the financial officer and the member coordinator and data protection officer. I handle the association’s money and do its accounting, and I take care of the register of members.

What do you want to change? I would like to advance all of UN’s goals.

Yusuf Shaymardanov

Equality officer Yusuf Shaymardanov

Who are you? Yusuf Shaymardanov, Doctoral student at JSBE. I am the Board member and Equality Coordinator at JyYK.

What are you involved in JyYK? In addition to my Board member responsibilities I also represent JyYk at UN Youth of Finland. There I serve as a Youth and Peace Coordinator.

Why are you in JyYK? It Is my second year as a Board member at JyYK and I have witnessed that it is a good platform to promote my beliefs and values, which align with goals of JyYK and UN.

What do you want to change? Equality among all people of background.