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Annina Tikkanen, president

I’m Annina and I’m the president of the UN Association of Jyväskylä (JyYK) this year. I am completing my studies in the Master’s degree program of speech communication in Finnish. As my minors, I study world politics and cybersecurity. The themes of the UN are very interesting, and especially questions about crisis management and security fascinate me. It’s a pleasure to be a part of JyYK and to work with important topics. We have a great group this year, and I’m looking forward to all the events we can arrange during the coming year!

email: anninatikkanen@gmail.com







Jaakko Havela, vice president

I’m Jaakko and I’m the vice president of JyYK this year. I’m a first-year student in political science but besides of studying hard, I’ve also found the time for working in associations. As my minor, I study world politics and I am also planning to possibly study economics. I started to participate in the activities of JyYK because I want to introduce the values of the UN among the youth in Jyväskylä. I have big expectations for this year, we have a great group together with which we can definitely arrange many great events!

email: japehave@student.jyu.fi








Meri Monto, secretary

I’m Meri and I’m the secretary of JyYK this year. I’m a second-year student in philosophy in the University of Jyväskylä. My minors include world politics and soon probably also psychology. Especially now, I’m interested in international relations, peace research and Eastern Asia. The UN represents the values that I also acknowledge, and what would be a better way to get to know the UN than learning new things with like-minded people and make the year 2017 amazing to JyYK!

email: mertuumo@student.jyu.fi








Helmi Muhonen, publicist

I’m Helmi, one of the publicists in the board of JyYK this year. I’m a second-year student in journalism and I’ll spend the spring 2017 in Denmark as an exchange student. During my exchange I study TV Journalism and Foreign Reporting. As my minor in the University of Jyväskylä, I study ethnology, and in future, I hope to study also social sciences. Internationalism, the current values of the UN and association action drove me into JyYK’s amazing group. I hope that I can bring those important values of the UN closer to our everyday life and I hope to learn more about them. This is going to be a good year!

email: helmi.m.muhonen@student.jyu.fi








Johanna Myllyniemi Maldonado, publicist

I’m Johanna, the other publicist of the board of JyYK this year. I study in international Master’s program Development and International Cooperation and my major is Environmental Science and Technology. In future, I hope to work with environmental development cooperation programs. In the UN, of course, especially global themes of environment but also questions about social responsibility and sustainable development are closest to my heart. I want to take part in working for these things in the region of Jyväskylä, and JyYK is an excellent channel for that. We have an innovative and energetic board so the year 2017 will be amazing!

email: johanna.myllyniemi@gmail.com








Johanna Reponen, environmental coordinator

My name is Johanna and I am the environmental coordinator in the board of JyYK. Last year I was the deputy member of the board. I learned so much about the UN, and it was very nice to have a part in organising different events with a great bunch of people. My studies include the English language, social and public policy and communication. With JyYK, I can spread awareness about the values and themes that are important to me, and I get valuable experience that will be very useful to me in the future. We have a very enthusiastic and nice board, so I am sure that this year will be filled with amazing events!

email: josorepo@student.jyu.fi








Marianne Koikkalainen, event coordinator

I’m Marianne and I am the event and project coordinator of JyYK this year. As my major, I study social work, and as my minors I have education and psychology. The themes of UN are very important, and especially questions about family and human rights are close to my heart. It’s great to notice that we have an opportunity to impact and be a part of bigger picture locally. The new board consists of amazing members and it’s a pleasure to take part in making a new year together.

email: makoikka@student.jyu.fi









Anni Toivanen, event coordinator

My name is Anni and I’m the other event coordinator in the board of JyYK with Marianne. I study ethnology in the University of Jyväskylä, and my minors are social and public policy and Spanish. It’s a joy and an honor to get to improve knowledge of the UN with a great group, and at the same time learn new skills through association activity. From the many important themes of the UN, especially climate and environment are important to me and it would be great to arrange events particularly related to these themes in 2017. Welcome to our events you all!

email: aniltoiv@student.jyu.fi








John Stewart, human resources officer

My name is John and I am the Human Resources Officer on the JyYK Board of Directors. I am from the United States and I am completing my Masters Degree at the University of Jyväskylä. I study Development and International Cooperation and my major is Social and Public Policy. I joined JyYK as I am a firm believer in the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and and JyYK is the perfect outlet to promote them locally. With real commitment to revitalized global partnerships, anything is possible; it will be very rewarding to create and sustain these connections and partnerships in Jyväskylä and beyond on behalf of all UN SDGs. I’m looking forward to a wonderful 2017 with both new and old JyYK members!

email: jps122189@gmail.com









Tuukka Hahl, finances

I’m Tuukka and I take care of JyYK’s finances this year. Earlier I’ve studied history and now I study social and public policy. For JyYK, I’m waiting for interesting events and working in a good atmosphere.

email: tuukka.s.hahl@student.jyu.fi





I’m Leeni Varis, and this year I’ll be a supplementary member in JyYK’s board. I’m a student in journalism, and this spring I’ll be spending a lot of time at the library working on my Bachelor thesis. As my minors, I read intercultural communication and social sciences in which I’m especially interested in world politics. These subjects and the great guys in JyYK made me excited to join JyYK’s activities.  The values of the association are also close to my heart. Especially crisis management and equality are topics that I hope to be able to explore in more detail during this coming year!

email: lelomava@student.jyu.fi









I’m Nico Käräjäoja and I am a supplementary member in JyYK. Last year I took care of the foreign affairs in the board, so I try to bring some continuance to our new board. I’m on my second year of studying political science and in my opinion UN related work in an association is a good addition to these studies. Our new board is full of keen people with whom this year is certainly going to be great.

email: naicouu@hotmail.fi










I’m Hanna Hyyryläinen and I’m on my third year of studying political science. I’m also on my third year in the board and this year I’m a supplementary member. Because I am also a supplementary member in our umbrella organization UN Youth, my task is to catch up on information between our organizations. I’ve liked JyYK’s activities very much and that’s why I want to stay as a supplementary member, even though I’m currently writing my Master thesis and my other studies will also take a bit more time this year. I’m interested in many topics related to equality and human rights, and therefore JyYK has always felt like the right place to make an impact on things.

email: hakahyyr@student.jyu.fi









Perttu Männistö is my name and I can say that I’m on my x year in the University. In the board, I find myself as a supplementary member, but luckily, I can give my support to very competent members. As an association actor, I can’t say that I’m very experienced at this point but I want to learn new things, and change the world so that it is even a tiny bit nicer and more peaceful for everyone. These are the reasons that drive me into acting for values of UN. Especially ecological and educational topics are close to my heart.

email: perttu.m.mannisto@gmail.com










I’m Laura Tuikkala and this is my second year in being a part of JyYK activities. Last year I was an event coordinator, and this year I’m in the role of supplementary member because of my placement in another association, but that doesn’t disturb the mood but rather brings new perspectives to JyYK in my own part. I study social and public policy as my major, and as my minors marketing and environment and society -study module. My interests are in the actualization of human and especially children’s rights all over the world and the new sustainable development agenda of UN (Agenda2030). That is why I represent JyYK in the central Finland’s sustainable development committee this year. My aim is to make JyYK and the local youth’s opinions heard and to make Jyväskylä more sustainable. I’m looking forward to the coming year in JyYK because it’s so great to work with new people and interesting topics!

email: lajotuik@student.jyu.fi







I’m Wilma Jyrkinen and a supplementary member in the board of JyYK this year. This is my first time in JyYK and I believe that acting as a supplementary member gives me certainly fun, new experiences and brings some nice extrawork beside of studies! I’m a second-year student in political science, and as my minors I read commercial law and economics. Participating in JyYK interested me especially because of the questions regarding human rights, equality and environmental issues are very close to my heart. I hope the coming year gives me exiting challenges and possibilities to learn new things with these great guys!

email: wilma.jyrkinen@gmail.com









I’m Maria Palmu and I’m a supplementary member in the board of JyYK. This is my first time in JyYK and its board, and I am very excited to see what this year and membership in board brings to me. I’m a second-year student in political science, and to my minors I’ve found world politics and business from the School of Business and Economics in the University of Jyväskylä. Human rights and equality have always spoken to me so joining JyYK felt more than natural. It’s great to get to work with these things with a great gang!

email: maria-palmu@hotmail.com