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JyYK ry – The United Nations Association of Jyväskylä is a civic organization founded in 2006.

Our purpose is to promote the principles and goals of the United Nations, such as the sustainable development goals (Agenda2030), as well as ensure their realization and publicity in Jyväskylä area.

We also aim to increase the participation and involvement opportunities of local people in international development issues. The main function of the association is informing, mainly through organizing various events in relation to the UN theme year and theme days. JyYK is a member of the UN Association of Finland and the UN Youth of Finland.

The University of Jyväskylä and its Student Union are important partners for us and we also work together with other non-governmental organizations in Jyväskylä. Come and meet us in one of our events!

Please note that some of our blog posts are written also in English.

For more information of our events and much more, go to our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter  and Instagram OR contact our president Edit Ahtiainen (editahtiainen@gmail.com).