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UN Women’s critical support for women in the world in 2020

On the 26th of July, the UN Women published its annual report about projects implementation. The link for the report is here https://www.unwomen.org/-/media/headquarters/attachments/sections/library/publications/2021/regular-resources-report-2020-en.pdf?la=en&vs=3324  

According to he UN Women, “in 2020, the anti-violence work coordinated by UN Women reached more than 31 million  people worldwide. 

In Kosovo, UN Women supported temporary quarantine facilities and provided essential supplies to girls and women who had survived domestic violence.  

In Laos,  UN Women provided women with telephone health services that allowed women to receive sexual and health services by telephone during a pandemic.  

In Lebanon, UN Women distributed corona emergency aid kits and opened helplines for women who experienced violence.

In Tunisia,  in 2020, UN Women supported the local Manara Center, which provided humanitarian assistance to 285 women and their families.  

In Bangladesh, UN Women delivered more than 1,500 emergency aid kits to women and their families who have survived the hurricane and are already living in fragile conditions.  

In Colombia,  UN Women delivered more than 2,680 emergency aid packages to Colombian women affected by the devastation of Hurricane Iota. Emergency aid packages secured the basic and hygienic needs of women.

In Cambodia, UN Women developed a credit scheme with the Cambodian government that provides financial support to medium-sized and small women’s businesses. 

In Somalia, UN Women has supported women farmers in northern Somalia in developing more sustainable and environmentally friendly farming methods and enabled more independent economic management for more than 16,000 Somali women farmers between 2018 and 2020.  

In Mexico, UN Women provided training for companies and workers on gender equality and violence against women during quarantine. 

In Europe and Central Asia, UN Women  helped promote the 65 proposed policies, which also ensure women’s participation in political decisions. 

In 2020, Finland was the largest state financier of UN Women’s core funding with approximately EUR 17.2 million.   The support provided by Finland is aimed specifically at UN Women’s global development projects, which have been able to support the position of girls and women also during 2020″ (reference: https://unwomen.fi/yleinen/un-womenin-kriittinen-tuki-maailman-naisille-ei-pysahtynyt-pandemiasta-huolimatta/).

Out of  $165.8m total resource contribution, Finland provided the biggest contributions in $20.2m dollars followed by Sweden $18.7m and Switzerland $16.5m.  Total expenditures in 2020 reached $144.5m.

                                                                                                                                              Liliya Zenina, Coordinator for Stakeholders

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