Board 2018

Nico Käräjäoja, president

… whose goal as a president is to improve the association and learn something new.









Marianne Koikkalainen, vice president & data protection officer

… who is the president’s right-hand woman and is responsible for the register of members, the email list and the data protection issues of the association.









Toni Kuoremäki, secrecaty

… whose main task is to take care of the minutes of the meetings and to participate other activities.









Helmi Muhonen, publicist

…. whose is responsible for how the UNA communicates with outside world about its activities and about the themes it tries to improve.









Essi Nordbäck, publicist

… who is in charge for the communication with stakeholders about the association’s themes and activities.









Hannele Toivonen, environmental coordinator

… who takes care of the environment in all the activities of the association and tries to minimaze environmental costs.









Hanna Muroma, development cooperation coordinator

… who is in charge for improving the sustainable development in UNA.










Katariina Murtolahti, event coordinator

… who comes up with ideas for events and organizes them.










Emmi Ojansivu, coordinator for events and stakeholders

… who organizes events and keeps in contact with stakeholders.









Supplementary members


Lauri Voutilainen, finances

… who takes care of the financial issues of the association.










Meri Monto











Anni Karhu











Julia Hyrkkänen