UNYANET’s General Assembly 2015

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The United Nations Youth Association Network, UNYANET, organized its annual General Assembly on 9th to 12th of September 2015 in Bucharest, Romania. Enthusiastic UN Youth representatives from nine different countries gathered together to plan UNYANET’s next year. The long weekend included formal parts of the GA, different workshops, exploring of Bucharest and networking with other participants as well as UNYANET’s Alumni members.


We represented the UN Youth of Finland in the two formal parts of the General Assembly. The formal parts included presenting and confirming the annual reports, election of new board, confirming the new members associations and voting on the proposed charter amendments. The new board of UNYANET is bigger than ever and will, with no doubt, achieve great things. We also welcomed the UN Youth Association of Kenya as a new member to UNYANET and the Association of Youths with a Vision from Gambia as partner. With an extremely enthusiastic new board, UNYANET will definitely have an active year – we already brainstormed several interesting study trips and webinars!

In addition to the formal parts of the General Assembly, we participated in workshops about two current issues; Post2015 Agenda and Global Governance. UNYANET’s lovely volunteer Amanda Yeo gave us a workshop about the Post2015 Agenda. We learned about the agenda, the problems it is facing at the moment as well as how different states have promoted discussion about the agenda among their citizens. We, as UN Youth of Finland, were proud to present our last years survey about Finnish Youths views on the agenda. The second workshop was given by UNYANET’s long term member Pau Petit and it dealt with Global Governance. We listed challenges Global Governance faces and tried to come up with different ways to solve them. The summarized results of the workshop will be sent, for example, to the next Secretary General candidates.


During the GA, our lovely hosts, the UN Youth Association of Romania, also organized many memorable experiences to us participants. On our first day, we had an honor to visit the Parliament of Romania, the second largest administrative building in the world. In addition, we had Global Village evening, where participants from different countries shared art and food specific for their countries. During the evenings we also had the chance to network with UNYANET’s Alumni as well as to explore Romanian culture. We had delicious traditional Romanian dinners and a unique chance to see Romanian folk dance – few of us even ventured participating the dance!


We want to thank the UN Youth Association of Romania for a very well hosted General Assembly – we made great decisions, elected an excellent new board and had very good time there! We also want to thank every participant for making the GA memorable. We are proud to be members of this amazing organization!

Emmi Anttila,
Jenni Seppänen

Board members of UNYA of Finland


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